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We are our people

Our dedicated co-workers are perhaps our best-kept secret. As a company we are defined by our innovators and our creatives, our strategists and our growers, and everybody in between. Our workplace thrives on openness and thought-sharing. We care about our people and we love to support ideas. Together, we’re stronger.

500+ people strength

When we say “our people”, we don’t just mean our 500 employees working in our HQ and production facilities. Included are also the entire village community of Åhus and the surrounding region and our countless hardworking staff, partners and affiliates around the world. We are also supported by so many local farmers, transporters, construction workers and service providers and we’re proud to say that every single one of them is a part of The Absolut Company’s success.

We are diverse

It’s our firm belief that differences enrich our workplace. We are an equal opportunity employer and have firm policies to reflect that. We do not tolerate discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, union membership or political views. We take affirmative action to create balanced teams. It’s been our long term goal to achieve a 50/50 gender spread at every level – including managerial – and we are proud to say that by 2016/17, we reached our goal. At The Absolut Company everything we do is governed by three guiding principles. We call them TAC: Together (inclusiveness, trust and co-operation), Audacious (being brave, skilled and curious) and Committed (show respect, be transparent and act with integrity).

Flexibility first

We are adamant about maintaining flexible work arrangements when applicable, best-in-class human resources practices and quality learning schemes. We believe that the workplace should be like a home – a place for family and a place to grow.