The Absolut Company Leadership team

Stéphanie Durroux


We are humbled to have Stéphanie at the helm of our company. Having been a part of the Pernod Ricard family for sixteen years – combined with her vast experience in marketing, brand building, communications and strategy work – she’s a perfect fit for this role. Stéphanie started her Pernod Ricard-journey in 2004 as Brand Director for Martell Cognac in Shanghai. After having led the Chinese operations for three years, she moved back to Paris to captain the global Brand Director positions for Martell Cognac and for the Champagne portfolio, before becoming Strategy & Development Director for the entire division. In 2015, she was appointed Marketing Director in France with responsibility for the full Pernod Ricard portfolio of brands and in 2018, she once again climbed up the ranks when becoming the CEO for Pernod Ricard in Northern Europe. That also meant it was time to move again. This time to Stockholm, Sweden. Outside of work, Stéphanie enjoys discovering new bars and restaurants, visiting art and photography exhibitions and fueling her passion for cinema. She’s an avid runner and loves hiking in nature.

Paula Eriksson


Paula is proud to have been with The Absolut Company for more than of a decade. Her diverse career – spanning from fast moving consumer goods to politics – has lined her up perfectly to take care of our public affairs and corporate communications. Ethics, accountability and sustainability drive Paula in everything she does. She’s passionate about being an equitable employer, fair business partner and a good corporate citizen and adding value to local communities, bringing joy and conviviality to the world. We are thrilled she’s part of our mission. When she’s not building up our communications, Paula is all about keeping track of current affairs, reading and watching films and when it comes time to wind down, she enjoys dancing and weekend kayaking.



Anna was hand-picked for the role as Production Director and VP of Operations because of her discernible passion for production, development, supply chain management and – most importantly – sustainability. She lives in our vodka-making hub of Åhus, where she works tirelessly to lead and coach the 300+ employees as they produce our fantastic Absolut Vodka. Anna is fascinated by the interaction between man and machine and the many new possibilities that innovative production technology brings. She holds a degree in engineering, and she’s worked her way through various product development positions before settling with us. Anna’s husband and four children live in Åhus with her, where they play plenty of sport. She and her family never miss an opportunity to hit the ski slopes when they get the chance.



Johan has been with us at The Absolut Company since 2012. And boy, are we happy about that! He leads some of our key marketing teams with a zest for fostering exciting new ideas and culture-building. Johan is passionate about cultivating an environment where curiosity and courage can thrive and he firmly believes the best innovations come from audacious risk-taking and teamwork. To Johan, the global environment of The Absolut Company is incredibly valuable: having instant access to so many different cultures, minds and perspectives with which to grow. He loves getting out of the city on weekends with his family to their summer home, to which he has contributed with his nifty handyman skills.



A South African farm boy with deep Lebanese roots, Charl is an industry innovator and thought leader with two decades of experience in the alcohol industry. We feel lucky to have attracted him to the Pernod Ricard family way back in 2013, along with a set of values that he shares with us: teamwork, commitment and forever fostering inclusivity. Charl’s passion for culture and drive for progressive change in the world is all in pursuit of building a better tomorrow. His love for exploring new ground transitions over into the weekends, when he spends time with his wife and kids finding new hot spots in the city by bicycle, discovering new food and capturing the world around him through the lens of his camera. Charl thrives on entertaining, hosting and building communities where people feel a sense of belonging, which makes him aptly suited to the conviviality business.



Our legal affairs have been in Lars’ capable hands since 2011. He began his legal path with a Master of Law, LL.M from the University of Lund, and went on to garner an impressive resume of experience in corporate and commercial law, intellectual property, compliance, labor law, marketing law and dispute resolution. Lars is passionate about the law and doing the right thing and feels very much at home with The Absolut Company’s commitment to heritage, innovation and responsibility. When he’s not with us, Lars values quality time with good friends and family. He’s partial to a weekend lunch that becomes dinner, or the odd round of golf. Depending on the season, you’ll also find him exploring snowy mountains or hitting the open waters on a boat.



After spending over a decade with our company, we are thrilled that Kerstin has assumed the role of VP of Human Resources. She is proudly responsible for managing all the people that come knocking on our doors. Kerstin evolves and manages our culture and values and is passionate about ensuring fair and equitable treatment of everybody in our realm. She is consistently inspired by the great people who find their way to The Absolut Company and who shares her own passion for progression. On the weekends you’ll find Kerstin outdoors, preferably spending time with her family: her husband and three grown-up children. She loves to team up with her loved ones to go for a swim, ride mountain bikes and explore the small island of Edholma where the family has a summer home.



From the lush green hills of Ireland to the icy blue lakes of Sweden. We’re so happy to have warmhearted Irishman Donny governing our treasury and finances. Few people know more about the financial side of the spirits business than mr Tobin. He started his career in the business at the Irish Distillery Group, where stayed on in various positions for some 13 years. After that, he decided to move oversees, taking on a role Deputy CFO and Vice President Business Planning and Analysis for Pernod Ricard USA. He stayed an expat in New York for four years, before migrating back to Europe and settling in as the new global CFO for The Absolut Company in Stockholm.