Exceptional Quality, with a local twist.
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Our/Vodka takes pride in crafting exceptional vodka while celebrating the world’s greatest cities. Through its small batch distilleries in city centers, and by collaborating with local individuals and organizations, Our/Vodka is injecting local flavor, globally.

It’s All About the Process

Each of our distilleries are united by a single recipe that allows Our/Vodka to stand out from the rest. What makes it so unique? We use an aromatic wheat distillate originally used in wine production to add a delicate complexity not present in other brands. The result is a subtle floral note that adds a signature smoothness to every drop.

Centered in the City

Everything Our/Vodka does is at the heart of its cities, both literally and figuratively. The Our/Los Angeles’ distillery is located in the center of LA’s Art District, while Our/New York’s distillery has the distinction of being the first and only distillery in Manhattan in over 100 years. Each distillery’s unique location allows it to connect with its metropolitan culture in a way that others can’t – by being a part of the story that its city tells, every single day.