Absolut Elyx

Our award-winning luxury expression.
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Our single estate copper crafted luxury vodka. Taking our One Source, One Community philosophy as far as it can go, Absolut Elyx is made from the finest winter wheat sourced from one single Åhus estate and distilled in our 1921 vintage copper still. The result is a naturally smooth vodka with a silky mouth-feel and true character; the luxury expression of our iconic little water.

Made within a 15 mile radius

Every step of the process – from the planting of the seeds all the way through to distillation and bottling – is performed within a 15 mile radius in the Åhus region of southern Sweden. Because we have complete control over every aspect of the production, we are proud to say that every batch of Absolut Elyx is 100 percent traceable.

The magic of copper

We are excited to share the almost magical role that copper plays in removing impurities and creating the most natural, pure teste imaginable. The skill and unparalleled experience that goes into manually distilling the finest raw spirit into a luxuriously smooth and silky vodka produces a quality that is, literally, next level. Because copper makes it better.